Frequently Asked Questions
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Will you use my data for training your AI System?

No. As specified in Annex B of our AI Policy, we cannot use your data for training our AI System.

What is the AI System?

The AI System refers to the specific AI technologies provided by, as detailed in Annex A, which may also include any new versions released.

What are Client Data Sets?

Client Data Sets are the data provided by the Client or collected as part of the AI Policy, including any modifications like annotations or aggregations.

Who owns the Client Data Sets?

The Client who has provided the Client Data Set owns that Data Set outright.

Who does Government refer to in this AI Policy?  

Government refers to either the European Union or the United States of America, whichever has stricter laws and regulations.

What does your AI System do?  

As detailed in Annex A of our AI Policy: The AI system offers comprehensive support to university tech transfer organizations seeking to connect their innovations to companies that can commercialize these innovations. Such commercialization may occur through direct partnerships between the university and the company, or may be provided through a startup spun out from the university, which is then transitioned into a successful commercial venture. The services provided by and through the AI System include identifying strategic partners, facilitating partnerships, advising on intellectual property, providing market insights, expanding networks, offering mentorship, and conducting educational workshops.

 What is considered Reasonably Foreseeable Misuse?  

It's using the AI System in a way not intended, but which might happen due to predictable human behavior or system interactions.

What's the difference between Company Data Sets and Third Party Data Sets?

 Company Data Sets are provided by Third Party Data Sets are not provided by the Client or by, but rather by other third parties.

Do you have the rights to use these Third Party Data Sets?

Yes has the right to use all Third Party Data Sets that we have employed, whether for training of our AI System or its ongoing operation. However, due to commercial agreements, we may not be allowed to reveal the name or nature of such Third Party Data Sets, or even the identity of the Third Party providing same.

What is a risk management system?  

 It's a system established by before Delivery to identify, estimate, and evaluate risks associated with the AI System and manage them appropriately.

What does data governance mean?

Data governance includes processes and measures to ensure data used in developing the AI System is appropriate, transparent, free of errors, and devoid of biases.

Do you provide technical documentation, and if so, what does it include?

We do provide technical documentation. It enables assessment of the AI System's compliance and include details like a general description, design, development processes, and changes made post-Delivery. For more details, refer to Q27.

Do you keep logs and records of the performance of the AI System?  

Yes we do. Record-keeping ensures that the AI System's operations are logged for traceability, identifying risks, and documenting Substantial Modifications.

What does transparency of the AI System entail?  

 It means the AI System is designed to be understood by the Client, including how it works and processes data. We provide such information in our technical documentation. 

What is human oversight?  

Human oversight involves measures to ensure the AI System can be effectively monitored and controlled by people, considering its risks.

What happens if your AI System fails to meet any of the requirements in your AI Policy? must immediately take corrective actions to make the AI System compliant and inform the Client.

What is your obligation for explaining AI decisions? must assist the Client in understanding how the AI System arrived at specific decisions and provide necessary information for this purpose.

What rights does the Client have to Company Data Sets and Third Party Data Sets?  

The Client has a non-exclusive right to use these Data Sets as necessary for fulfilling the AI Policy.

Who owns the Client Data Sets?  

The Client or a designated third party retains all rights to the Client Data Sets.

What happens to the Client Data Sets at the end of the AI Policy?  

Upon request, must hand over the most recent version of Client Data Sets to the Client in a common file format.

What are the indemnification terms? will cover claims against breaches related to Company and Third Party Data Sets, while the Client covers claims related to Client Data Sets.

What is the AI register?  

The AI register does not yet exist. The regulations under discussion by various governments may require such a register. To assist our clients, we will provide a record to the Client upon request, containing information from Annex C and D, to comply with potential future requirements of such a register.

What does the technical documentation contain?

It includes a general description, instructions for use, development details, monitoring, functioning, control of the AI System, and descriptions of the risk management system. For more, refer to Q28.

What should the instructions for use contain?  

It should include the Company's details, AI System performance characteristics, human oversight measures, and maintenance details.

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