What is AI?
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So what is AI anyway?
AI creates intelligent machines using algorithms and models, promising efficiency benefits. However, concerns about data privacy, intellectual property, and job displacement emphasize the need for responsible development.
Potentially helpful and useful tools for humans
AI offers tools to enhance human tasks in fields like healthcare and industry.
Collection of algorithms and models
AI relies on algorithms and models for learning, pattern recognition, and problem-solving.
Worrisome technology that will steal our IP and our jobs
Worries about AI include fears of intellectual property theft and job displacement, requiring ethical development and responsible deployment
Actually, AI is all of the abot - and much more.
Common Types of AI Models
AI Model Varieties: Navigating the Landscape
An AI model is a computational framework that learns from data to make predictions, adapting for tasks like image recognition or language processing. Its ability to autonomously learn patterns during training ensures accurate predictions with new data.
Machine Learning (ML)
Can learn from smaller datasets.
Makes predictions based on learned patterns.
Deep Learning (DL)
Neural networks that can learn from large amounts of data.
Can only recognize the specific patterns it was trained on.
Generative AI
Can create new content (words, images, music) based on predictions.
Huge models trained on giant datasets.
Why AI?
Ambiguity around AI and copyright fuels legal disputes over using copyrighted content in model training. Clear legislation is crucial to address concerns about unintended use of original material and strike a balance between innovation and intellectual property protection. So, why bother with Generative AI?
Give your TTO super powers
AI processes and speeds up decision-making in your tech transfer office.
Stop burnout
AI alleviates burnout by automating repetitive tasks, allowing focus on strategic initiatives.
Change the world faster
AI rapidly assesses opportunities, keeping your office at the forefront of innovation.
Create better relationships
AI strengthens collaborations with data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
Stretch budgets
AI optimizes resource allocation, stretching budgets for impactful outcomes through strategic financial decisions.
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