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Create an AI Policy Supporting Your Values
We specialize in guiding you through the creation of AI policies that align with your unique ethics and values. Our service ensures that the AI tools you integrate into your IP development and marketing not only enhance efficiency but also adhere to your ethical standards. We understand the importance of responsible AI usage and are committed to helping you navigate this landscape with integrity.
Step 1
We begin by understanding your core ethics and values. This foundational step is crucial to ensure that any AI policy developed is in perfect alignment with your principles.
Step 2
Based on your values framework, we craft a comprehensive AI policy. This policy guides the selection and usage of AI tools, ensuring they meet your standards for ethical practice and responsible innovation.
Step 3
Once your AI policy is established, our team provides guidance on implementing these standards across your tech tech transfer organization. We offer continued support to ensure your AI integrations remain consistent with your policy, reinforcing ethical usage at every step.
Your Results
Ethical AI Strategy Formulation for Your TTO. is dedicated to helping institutions embrace AI while upholding their ethical values. We understand the complexities of integrating AI into academic environments and ensure that your AI policies reflect your organization’s commitment to ethical practices. Our bespoke service is tailored to provide a balanced approach, ensuring that your AI tools not only advance your IP development but also align with your ethical standards.
Customized Ethical Analysis & AI Alignment
Engage with our experts to analyze your ethical considerations and align them with potential AI tools, ensuring a harmony between technology and values.
Custom AI Policy Crafting for Ethical Compliance
Benefit from our tailored service in developing an AI policy that acts as a blueprint for ethical AI use, shaping how AI tools are selected and utilized in your organization.
Ongoing Ethical AI Management
Receive continuous support and advice from our team, ensuring your AI policy remains relevant and effective in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.
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"D'vorah has always been excited about new technology and how it could change the world. That she wants to help is simply a part of who she is."
Mark Feldman
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Andy Smith - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
"D’vorah has an amazing skill of switching between the high level patent strategy across business and technology...she and her Team are professional, affordable and very nice people who are a pleasure to work with"
Andras Benke
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“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam quis sem a neque vestibulum sagittis.”
Dave Locker
Head of research - Microsoft
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“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam quis sem a neque vestibulum sagittis.”
Dave Locker
Head of research - Microsoft
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Will you use my data for training your AI System?

No. As specified in Annex B of our AI Policy, we cannot use your data for training our AI System.

What is the AI System?

The AI System refers to the specific AI technologies provided by, as detailed in Annex A, which may also include any new versions released.

What are Client Data Sets?

Client Data Sets are the data provided by the Client or collected as part of the AI Policy, including any modifications like annotations or aggregations.

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