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Peer Benchmarking
Maximize Your IP Impact with Peer Benchmarking
Elevate your IP strategy with our unique service focused on peer benchmarking. We help you understand how your intellectual property stacks up against similar innovations in academia. This insight is not just about competition; it’s about learning from peers, discovering successful monetization strategies, and identifying potential areas for growth and collaboration. With our comprehensive analysis, you can strategically position your IP for maximum impact and revenue generation.
Step 1
Share your IP details and we’ll conduct a thorough comparison with similar IP from peer institutions, highlighting key areas of strength and potential improvement. Note: based only on publicly available data.
Step 2
Gain insights into how similar IP has been commercialized successfully. Understand different models of monetization and explore potential collaborative opportunities.
Step 3
Formulate a strategic plan for your IP. This could involve adapting successful monetization models, initiating collaborative projects, or identifying new market opportunities.
Your Results
Benchmark & Strategize with IP Peer Analysis
Our IP Peer Benchmarking service provides a clear understanding of how your IP compares to that of their academic peers. This service is crucial for strategic planning, helping you to identify successful monetization pathways and foster employment opportunities through informed insights. By understanding the landscape of similar innovations, you can better position your IP for success, drawing inspiration from successful cases and identifying unique opportunities for your own IP.
Comparative IP Insights
Identify both opportunities for growth and successful strategies to emulate.
Guided Path to Monetization
Learn from successful IP monetization methods of your peers to guide your success.
Build Strong Networks
Establish connections with companies and industries interested in similar IP.
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We analyze your IP to match you to the right industry, and then to find the right licensing partner - fast. Stop hitting brick walls - and start closing more IP licensing deals. Work with us to take that IP off the shelf and into commercialization.
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"D'vorah has always been excited about new technology and how it could change the world. That she wants to help is simply a part of who she is."
Mark Feldman
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Andy Smith - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
"D’vorah has an amazing skill of switching between the high level patent strategy across business and technology...she and her Team are professional, affordable and very nice people who are a pleasure to work with"
Andras Benke
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“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam quis sem a neque vestibulum sagittis.”
Dave Locker
Head of research - Microsoft
Andy Smith - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam quis sem a neque vestibulum sagittis.”
Dave Locker
Head of research - Microsoft
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Icon Rounded Chevron Dark - BRIX Templates
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